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Published on 10 July 2023 at 06:47

Being Sensitive often means one possess a heightened sense of awareness, understanding and tend to be responsive towards the emotions, needs of others. It means that one tends to be very attuned to subtle changes, and behaviors of others. Children who exhibit such level of sensitivity are seen to have a large capacity to empathize with others. 

Being sensitive, allows one to form deeper connections and stronger relationships due to the level of understanding of the other (a mirror). A tendency of HSP is the tending to others needs and wants, the giving, to ensure that the others are "well-kept". Such ability has another side to the coin. HSP (Highly sensitive person) tend to experience emotional over-whelm, that can lead to various challenges. 

When our sensitivity is unacknowledged and we keep on going on with our lives without taking notice of how we are depleting; of how we are forgetting ourselves - can lead to either health issues (psycho-somatic) or emotional/energetic blockage (bitterness, sadness etc), turning to substances abuse, or any form of activities that numbs further our experiences.

Hence, HSP - must engage in activities that enable them to create inner-spaces to truly understand who they are, what they truly like and what fills their cups. 


What can a sensitive being do to empower themselves?

Throughout my work with others and with myself, I found that cultivating an inner-space is crucial. Without being with one-self, we cannot know what we need or want; or even who we are. So first step would be - "Who am I?", staying with such question takes courage, especially if you have never truly answered this question. Then the second question would be "What do I truly like?" - sometimes takes months/years to truly answer these questions. Especially if you have been caught u in the needs of others. Becoming aware of your own-Self is the first step into a freeing and authentic life.

After such Self-Awareness is established, then we might want to look at establishing healthy boundaries, working on our attachment patterns, towards others and the outside world. Finding the natural elements, activities that truly help you detox from outside energies. For example some clients prefer going by a tree, others prefer going to the sea, others prefer to cook, paint, sing. It is all dependent on what truly resonates with you. 

As one becomes more aware and accepting of the Self, then an over-all life-style change tends to occur. Where we look after our bodies, mind and inner-world. Creating a vibration of health, creating a life worth living, whilst still remaining in service to the others. 


If this resonates with you and you'd like to equip yourself with tools that can maximize your living experience, I would love to be of support. Reach out today! Better than tomorrow :) 



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a year ago

I really enjoyed your article! Excellent job Sister 🤩