Born of Egyptian and Maltese Heritage - by the age of 18 left in search for her voice, her belongings; she embarked on a journey of a thousand lives. As she settled in London, she started her first degree Marketing communications and Public Relations; she learnt how to identify strengths and abilities of companies and make them grow to their fullest potential; later on in her life through the joy of service; she fell in love with working for children and adults, in helping them access a better life; through accessing their strengths, becoming aware of their inner-world, and improve on their growing edges. 

Later on she takes on the Master’s in Counselling as her tool to access the psyche better she learnt so much more about humans and their emotional needs (as she did about herself). Working with various NGOs and clients; including addiction; neurodivergence work (ADHD, AUTISM, SEBD), she remains loyal towards delivering a person-centered approach towards all those that choose the services. 

She takes a holistic approach to healing; knowing that all knowledge there is out there in the world is waiting to become wisdom for those who are ready to listen. Through body movements, breathing awareness, specific programmes for specific clientele - she ensures that the therapy being provided matches the client's needs, goals and wants. The client takes the center stage, ensuring that what they are receiving is creating a sense of awareness, healing and inner-knowing. 


“I won’t tell you how pretty it is, without telling you how ugly it is. My job is to be your mirror; and bring you the information you bring me in front of you; for you to see; You, only YOU hold the magic to unlock your potential"

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