The Art of Reaching Out ?

How easy is it to reach out? Throughout my profession as well as on a personal level I tend to come across this theme "reaching out". Yet it is funny to suggest it to someone who is not really aware of what they can reach out towards or for.

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Sensitivity - Maximize your Living Experience

Being Sensitive often means one possess a heightened sense of awareness, understanding and tend to be responsive towards the emotions, needs of others. It means that one tends to be very attuned to subtle changes, and behaviors of others. Children who exhibit such level of sensitivity are seen to have a large capacity to empathize with others. 

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Neurodivergence & How to Thrive

What is being neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence is the term for when someone's brain processes, learns, and/or behaves differently from what is considered "typical."

Is it something we are born with on developed over time?

It is both. Some people are born with a neurodivergent brain, whereas others develop the tendencies due to their environmental influences.

How does this effect one’s life?

Since being born with a different system, people who are neurodivergent operate different from the neurotypical. They tend to struggle to understand social norms that do not seem to match the brain structure of the neurodivergent. Trying to put such people in systems catered for the neurotypical, creates havoc and sense of inner trauma, as the system simple cannot maintain that environment.

Nowadays, we see a rise in ADHD medicine, Therapies, all trying to make a neurodiveregent fit in a system made for someone else. And yes they work short-term, to help a child stay sitting down and receiving all the information a teacher is handing down. Yet, once the medicine’s effect diminishes, the child is once again in a system that does not make sense to them.

How can I support my child?

Develop a programme based on the specific child. This needs to be done by at least 3 people who understand the child. This helps in cultivating a natural internal structure, which helps the child operate and function within society. This aids in their future life; as when they’re adults there’s already a system at place that helps them navigate the world without ending using substance to regulate.

Please understand, that neurodivergent people tend to be very sensitive to changes, to people’s emotions – hence, the need to regulate, and desensitize becomes the thrill that is being sought; hence we see a strong correlation between neurodivergence and addictions.

Can I, as an adult develop structures that help me maneuverer this word?

The good news is YES, similar to a child’s programme, an adult can also have a programme done specifically for their specific system needs. Consistency and Containment are 2 important components that create these programmes.

How does one create such programmes?

Since, neurodivergence is not a 1 – fit – all model, each program needs to be specifically designed for that specific person. Having a structure is crucial to the development of any individual. Focusing on the strengths and how may the programme shift the “weaknesses” through the use of the strengths being presented.

When thinking of such programmes, is crucial to take into consideration all aspects of the individual; the brain, cognitive, physical and energy. All these elements must play a role into the development of a programme that supports the neurodivergent.

Embrace who you are, make the system work for you. It is possible.