1-1 Counselling Sessions

The journey towards a more inner-spacious life ensures a healthier way of being. Through 1-1 counselling you have the opportunity to listen to your own thoughts, feelings and understand where in your life you can shift and bring to surface things that limit you. 

Through 1-1 counselling, clients experience liberation, the ability to gain tools that ensure a more fulfilling life.

Get in touch to book your 1-1 Session. 

Group Sessions 

A safe space where 2 or more people may undress issues that they are facing within dynamics. Through attentive listening, mirroring and the ability to bring into surface deeper underlying issues, mediation sessions may bring clarity and harmony between those people seeking such remedies.

Group sessions are based on the needs of the client group. These include both personal relationships as well as corporate relations. Get in touch for a quote.  


Various workshops are being offered throughout the year. These workshops provide tools for people seeking to enrich their inner-lives. Some of the previous workshops include; Self-Acceptance, Emotional Intelligence, Body and Mind connection, Inner-Child work, the beauty of journaling. Stay in tune for up coming workshops. 

Neurodivergence Program

A creative program based upon the needs of the individual seeking support. Here a 5 week course takes place which is tailored to the needs of the clients. Get in touch for a free initial meeting.