The Art of Reaching Out ?

Published on 3 October 2023 at 16:04

How easy is it to reach out? Throughout my profession as well as on a personal level I tend to come across this theme "reaching out". Yet it is funny to suggest it to someone who is not really aware of what they can reach out towards or for.

It becomes a dead end to tell someone; oh please reach out. Why you ask? When we are in a trauma state; we are in disconnection; we feel all alone; it takes (literally) training to realise that one can reach out and is possible.

So telling someone who is going through trauma or disconnection to reach out is like telling a fish to walk on the ground.

If you know someone that tends to go into disconnection mode; ask what do you feel most connected to? What could be an easy going to method to build a connection?

And if you are someone that goes into disconnection mode; perhaps start building connections when you are in connection mode; there's MANY spaces now that are being formed; if you'd like me to share a little; hola at me

We are witnessing a lot of upheaval; we are meeting sides to us that have been dormant; for some this can feel very overwhelming and usually people will resort to disconnecting and numbing.

To realise that we are not separate requires deeper awareness of our inter-connectedness; the rise of healing spaces and awareness is not happening by coincidence; it is happening as more and more of us must reach out to connections and when we do; we offer that to others.

I can say I am on the path of integration on this journey; I still meet and meet parts of me that I see are waiting to be listened to and integrated; and whilst I do that I offer myself to the work.

To you reading this; thank you for the holding of the network

I see you 

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